Kira Home Discipline

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Kira doesn’t take nonsense from anybody so she tries to warn her sex slave but he wouldn’t listen so he had to discipline him, she was wearing a long tight skinned socks and her big breast can be seen here, she made him lick her toes as a way of punishing him. Then she moves to sit on his waist and rubs her legs on his ass causing him so much pain, she told him he needed to behave and slapped her palm on his ass giving a loud noise which also made him scream in pain. She rubbed her pussy on his back and also rubbed her fingers in her wet pink pussy while she also slaps his ass. With his hands tied behind his back she had him lick her pussy clean, he used his tongue perfectly well like a pro and she kept moaning and enjoying it. She sat on his back caressing all her body touching every inch of her body then she brought him to the couch and made him suck her clean wet pussy again.